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I provide coaching and counseling services. What's the difference?  Coaching involves setting goals and  establishing practical solutions to achieve them. Coaching is heavily action-oriented with an emphasis on the future. Counseling tends to examine the past and one's personal history. I find that combining elements and techniques of coaching with counseling is quite effective. 

* I work from home. I see no reason at this time to increase overhead by renting an office. Our sessions can be conducted in three ways:

- A Zoom meeting (you must have stable internet connection);

- By telephone (I will request a picture of you to establish rapport). I need to know with whom I am speaking.

- Weather permitting and if you are local, a designated location where I typically see clients on cooler days. Nature is soothing.

Volta do Mar is a Portuguese sailing technique. Rather than sailing north directly into the headwinds, Portuguese sailors would head west and then turn north, thereby bypassing unnecessary turmoil and hazards. Picture an acute angle.



I work with individuals who question their paths in life. To that end, I assist in helping you identify your vocation or, in the case of military veterans, recover and transition from your previous career. I typically work with clients experiencing gender dysphoria and loss of identity. Many veterans have an internal feeling of a lost Self. My role is to support you in discovering who you are and what you desire for your life. When it comes to gender transitioning, it is not my place to affirm or deter.  I address areas of career, relationships, life purpose, and expanding personal awareness. Many transgender individuals, as well as veterans, experience depression, anxiety, and suicidal ideation. I view these as symptoms. Our work is to get to the root cause with "practical, applicable solutions" so that you can progress in life. As your mentor, it is my job to help you set goals and support you along the way. The ideal client is open to change and takes accountability.



I hold an M.F.A. from Goddard College, 2015. I studied clinical mental health counseling at the University of the Cumberlands. I am certified in solution-based coaching as well. As a former professor, I write extensively. When I email you the intake form(s) a picture of me will be included so you know with whom you are to be working.


I accept a limited number of clients. I do not work exclusively with gender variant clients. If you think we may be a good fit, by all means send me a message. Having said that, to potential clients who are struggling with gender, I want you to know I understand firsthand what it is like. When I was 18 I transitioned from female to male. My perspective has significantly changed over the years. I can assure you that how you feel at 13, 16, or 25 will not be the same as you get older. I wish someone had asked me the hard questions back then, but I wasn't willing or ready to answer them at the time. Nor were therapists adequately informed. Even now reading about the issue in a textbook is no substitute for  lived experience. I have lived as male for more than 18 years. I do not advertise who I am and this is why I am not posting a picture on the website. I value privacy.

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Williamsburg, VA 

Tel: 757-849-3776

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